Monday, August 06, 2012

Potty Princess

Knowing how busy we're likely to be in the fall, I decided I'd better give the ol' potty training thing a shot before time slips by and she's all of a sudden 16.  I started half-heartedly last Tuesday with the official day slated as Saturday, August 4th.  It was a rough go at first and I started to doubt the timing (she's just a few days shy of 22 months) and the method, but today was completely accident free and I'm starting to believe this may actually work.  I know the flights back home in a few weeks are going to be a bit tricky (with the definite possibility she will be wearing special 'airplane panties,' ie. pull-ups, for the day;), but her love of the recently learned words "no," and "mine," combined with her natural willfulness, would have only made success more difficult as she got older.  At least, that's my opinion.

And for record, it was not my idea to make those crowns for them.  Despite my best efforts to avoid such a thing, N has become a bit of a princess nut.... thank you, peer pressure.  But fortunately, she also likes trains,  reading books about things other than princesses, and playing in the dirt.  So far, she seems pretty well-rounded.

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