Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In 10 Years This Video Will Make Me Weep

Nadia got a camera for her 5th birthday. (Really just my old digital Canon.)  It has video capabilities.  Oh, the hilarious (and mischievous) things she has captured.  The thing about being a mom who loathes playing is that the kids have to learn to entertain themselves.  That they have.  And they've become super playmates, which warms the icy chambers of my heart.

Move to Canada imminent.  Beginning full-time school also imminent.  Excited and terrified.  Will no longer be my children's primary caretaker.  Probably that's the most terrifying thing.  Also, will I still have time to run 34 miles a week?


Rebecca said...

Cute!!! I love how she created some suspense by first filming up and down the wall before we get to see J dancing. Good luck with the move and adjusting to full time school -- At the end of July I'm starting full-time at the skilled nursing facility I was telling you about. Signing on to a full time job feels a little like holding my arms out and saying "go ahead, just put the handcuffs on." Yet, I am also looking forward to it!

Brianne said...

Awesome, Rebecca, congrats! You'll have to let me know how you like it.

PiccolaPineCone said...

Seriously? Where in Canada??
re: 34 miles per week, it can be done. I promise.

Brianne said...

My hometown, Edmonton! Don't think I (or the kids;) can survive the next few years with out family/friend support. Thanks for the encouragement!